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SSH Tunneling Tips 01 Feb 2019

With SSH, you can perform all sorts of magic to make your computers talk with each other. Here’s some tips to keep it straight.

Resuming After a High Availability Group Synchronization Failure 13 Mar 2018

Due to some server issues, some of the databases on a secondary replica of my High Availability group were in an unhealthy state. The group was giving me a warning: “Data synchronization state of the availability database is not healthy.”

RDP Clients for Linux 16 Feb 2018

What clients to use when connecting to servers from a linux distro?

Deleting Time Machine Backups Manually 26 Oct 2017

I was working on setting up a new Mac and wanted to use the same Time Machine drive that already had another Mac backing up to it. But I didn’t have enough room for a full backup of the new Mac, so I figured I would delete some of the older backups (it went back 3 years!) since I really didn’t need such old backups.

Disabling LFS for Git Checkouts 05 Oct 2017

I was working with a server that was checking out Git repositories, and it was taking errors on the LFS downloads. In this instance, it was a Jenkins server and it was just having problems with LFS.

Linking SQL Servers 30 Jun 2017

Linking SQL servers helps you to write queries that join tables from other databases even if the database is on another server. Very handy. For instance, if you’re writing a query from serverA and you want to join a table from myOtherDB on serverB:

Understanding JavaScript Promises 23 May 2017

Here are some great resources to help get on your feet with understanding how to leverage promises in your JavaScript apps:

How to Clear Stubborn Transaction Logs in Microsoft SQL Server 17 Feb 2017

Clearing transaction logs in SQL databases can be a pain when the database sometimes gets huge and it can’t ever clear the logs even after backup. How to clear those stubborn transaction logs?

Creating Web Pages with Fullscreen Background Video 02 Feb 2017

Those websites that have background fullscreen or near-fullscreen video are beautiful, eye-popping, and can amplify their message effectively.

QuickLook for Markdown! 01 Feb 2017

It’s annoying that my Mac can quicklook normal text documents or even js files but I can’t quicklook markdown files. Seems counterintuitive.

Semantic Versioning 31 Jan 2017

Everyone should have a standard they follow when determining the strategy behind the versioning of their apps. Otherwise, what’s the point of versioning at all? Keep a link to the standard easily accessible so you can remind yourself of the “rules” every time you release an update.

Well, here goes! 24 Jan 2017

So for years I had a WordPress blog that I hosted where I talked about tech. It was great. I accumulated a ton of posts and WordPress made it easy.