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24 January 2017

So for years I had a WordPress blog that I hosted where I talked about tech. It was great. I accumulated a ton of posts and WordPress made it easy.

Eventually I grew tired of blogging. It was partly a time issue and partly growing tired of WordPress. And then the hacks started. The security vulnerabilities of WordPress were pretty much the final straw for me but I didn’t want to give up a web presence to express myself. If it were only easier, I would continue to post occasional thoughts or programming gems as I find them.

Enter Jekyll. What? Free hosting through GitHub’s amazing servers? Static HTML that can’t be hacked? Writing posts in markdown? Submitting by just committing files to my Git repository? Is this a dream?

So I set this thing up and we’ll give it a try. For now I’m not importing my old blog posts because it’d be a bit of work and it is honestly mostly old cruft at this point.

There is something to be said for fresh starts.

Let the blogging begin!